In Search of an Electrician? How Reviews Can Help You Find the Best Contractor in Your Area

Solving electrical issues, doing repairs or even installing new electrical systems is dangerous work, especially if the person doing the job is not qualified and experienced. While your project makes it necessary for you to hire a professional, knowing what to look for is important. It could mean the difference between hiring a dependable electrical contractor versus hiring someone who puts your home and loved ones at risk.
A qualified professional will have the right certifications and insurance, but these are not enough. In fact, you can learn a lot more about electrical contractors and their capabilities by looking at their online reviews.
Why Do Reviews Matter? What Should I Look for in an Electrical Contractor’s Review?
Reviews are posted to online sites by consumers just like you. You can gain insights into their experiences with a particular electrical contractor and whether they recommend that contractor to others.
Past and current customer reviews can vary, but they contain key information that can tell you what to expect from a particular contractor. Some things to look for include:

  • Customer Service – Past customers can tell you how quick the contractor’s customer service team was to respond to inquiries, how polite they were in-person and over-the-phone, and also how they handled any complaints/issues with their company.
  • Turnaround and Project Deadlines – When you receive an estimate from a company, you often get a project completion date. Reviews tell you how accurate those turnaround times were, what type of delays past customers experienced, etc.
  • Response Times – When you call a contractor, you want them to show up for appointments as scheduled and even respond to emergency call-out situations quickly. Reviews can tell you how fast these types of situations are handled with a particular electrical contractor.
  • Technician Behavior – Technicians performing electrical work will be in your home or office, around your personal belongings and dealing with you face-to-face. Inspect reviews to see what customers have to say about their experiences. Be on the lookout for inappropriate behavior, a rude manner, or inexperienced technicians—these are all red flags. While customer service individuals can be friendly and helpful, the technicians are the ones who install and repair your electrical work. Therefore, customer experiences with them are important.

It is Not Hard to Generate Great Reviews
If a contractor tells you they have many satisfied customers but none are willing to provide reviews and references, something is amiss. Do not let a company fool you—good reviews are easy to get as long as you provide quality service to your customers. JLC Electrical Contractors has good reviews from our residential and commercial clients. From a 4.84-star rating on Home Advisor to a 10-star rating on Business Finder, New Jersey, we are committed to pleasing each and every customer we work for.
Call 732-332-1100 or fill out an online contact form to speak with a team member at JLC Electrical Contractors today. We strive for maximum customer satisfaction and are proud to serve the residents of New Jersey for all of their electrical needs.

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