Generator Installation & Repairs

Whole House Generator Install & Repair Specialists

Don’t get caught in the dark during the next power outage.  Whole house generators can give you piece of mind knowing that your family can stay safe and warm. Generators can be installed unobtrusively in your yard and directly wired into your home to ensure that your lights, appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, televisions, phones, and any and all other electronic devices remain working during a power outage.

If you have a business then you know that losing power for even a few hours can mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Commercial generators ensure that you won’t lose power to your business and that you will be able to continue to serve your customers through any outage.

At JLC Electrical Contractors, we can help you select and install the generator that is right for you.  We are experienced in residential and commercial generator installation, repairs, and maintenance. Let our experienced team of electricians install the generator that is right for your home or business.

JLC Electric Contractors is a Certified Generac Distributor, Dealer and Service Technician in NJ. Call JLC Electrical Contractors, (732) 332-1100, or contact us online for a free estimate today!



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