The Benefits of Installing Outdoor Electrical Outlets

You take care to install electrical outlets in your home because your home can’t function without them, but what about outside? Outdoor electrical outlets can help make your life so much easier — from entertaining to maintaining your lawn. Keep in mind, however, that it is all about how these electrical outlets are installed that makes them more efficient.
Always use an experienced electrician in New Jersey to install outdoor electrical outlets. Because these are exposed to the elements, you need them installed properly to ensure maximum safety.
The Benefits of Installing Outdoor Electrical Outlets

  • Convenience: Most homeowners have to run extension cords from their garage or indoor outlets to run electrically powered equipment outdoors. This is inconvenient and dangerous. Not only is there a risk for shortage or fire, but cords stretched over walkways and grass are a tripping hazard.
  • Entertaining Made Easier: Instead of plugging your outdoor lights or other entertaining equipment into an indoor outlet, you will have outlets ready to use outside. You can plug in everything from your stereo to a mini fridge outside.
  • Christmas Lights are a Breeze: Traditionally, Christmas lights are run through numerous extension cords and cable boxes into garages and homes. But, with outdoor electrical outlets, hanging Christmas lights becomes a lot easier. You no longer have to plan your lighting around how long an extension cord you have or worry about overloading your indoor circuits.

Points to Remember when Installing Outdoor Electrical Outlets
Electrical outlets should be installed strategically for maximum convenience and safety. Some things to consider when choosing your locations include:

  • Not installing your outlets near a source of water. For example, do not install them near a swimming pool, outdoor spa or even where sprinklers spray water.
  • Installing them near entertainment zones. If you have an outdoor bar, patio or seating area, have an outlet installed in the area for easier access. That way you can plug-in your outdoor stereo or other entertaining equipment where you need it.
  • Choosing other strategic locations, such as rear entrance and exit doors, on the far corner of the home (for Christmas lights or electrically powered lawn care equipment), etc.

Talk to an electrical contractor today and learn about the advantages of outdoor electrical outlets. JLC Electrical Contractors can help you choose optimum locations for your outdoor outlets and usually install them in just one day. Call us at 732-332-1100 or fill out our online form.

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