Useful Tips on Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

It is that time of year once again. All the baking, the presents, the cooking and of course, Christmas decorations. Before you head to your local store and clear the shelves with every light and decoration imaginable, take a moment to think and plan for safety first. Creating a winter wonderland for the holidays is all about the lights, but there are ways you can get a dazzling home without going National Lampoon style!
Hanging Holiday Lights? Remember This
Outdoor lights invite guests into your home, help celebrate the holidays with your neighbors, and of course, give you that warm, fuzzy feeling of Christmas. If you are going to hang lights this year, consider these tips first:

  • Sometimes Less is More – Depending on the exterior lighting you already have set up on your property, you may not need strands of lights everywhere. In fact, just highlighting your trees, bushes or even a few focal points could be all it takes to create an exceptionally festive home.
  • Be Safe  – Only use lights that are UL approved. Make sure to use suitable lights outdoors and indoors—you can’t switch them.
  • Know Your Light Types – Holiday lights come in so many varieties now that it is easy to be overwhelmed. Stick to lights that are for a specific purpose (and use them in their intended way), such as net lights for your bushes or rope lights for windows.
  • Inspect Last Year’s Lights – A year in storage can take a toll on your old lights. Inspect the lights for safety issues (frayed wires for starters) and then check the lights for any burnouts. You will want to replace burned out bulbs before hanging up the lights.
  • Hang Smart – Screws, staples and nails are dangerous and you risk puncturing the wires of your lights. Instead, go with plastic light clips or electrical tape to get your lights up.
  • Work from the Bottom Up – For trees and other tall objects, work from the bottom up and go in a spiral direction.
  • Look for the Unexpected – There are plenty of places to hang Christmas lights – including areas you may have never thought of. Try to add columns to your porch or illuminate the bird bath in the garden for a little extra “sparkle” factor.

Before you start hanging your Christmas lights, have your home’s electrical system inspected by a local electrical contractor.
Speak to the team at JLC Electrical Contractors today by calling 732-332-1100 or fill out an online contact form to learn more about how to decorate your home safely.

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