Tips for Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

Dead outlets, light switches that don’t work occasionally, or even appliances no longer working can be frustrating for any homeowner. Your home is made up of a complex system of wires, most of which you cannot see. Despite most of your wiring being behind the walls, there are ways to troubleshoot some common household electrical issues.
How to Troubleshoot Your Home’s Electrical Issues
Sometimes the fix can be simple, but other times you may need to hire a professional electrical contractor to come and help. While basic troubleshooting is generally safe and simple, if you feel over your head at any point, contact an electrician to diagnose the problem.

  • Find Where the Issue is Coming From – First you need to determine whether or not it is a wiring, appliance or whole house issue. If the outage affects more than just a single outlet or light fixture, it is likely a household electrical issue. If other appliances can plug-in to the same outlet and work just fine, it is an appliance issue and not an electrical one.
  • Check the Circuit Breaker First – If you notice that an entire grid in your home is not working, check the circuit breaker box and see if anything has tripped. If a circuit has tripped, unplug and turn off everything associated with that circuit’s zone. Then, reset the breaker and try to use electricity in that area.
  • Use a Tester – You can purchase three-pronged receptacle testers at your local home improvement store. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and test the outlet. If it tests defective, you will need to replace the receptacle.
  • Reset the GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) Outlet – GFCI receptacles may have a red “reset” button. If the system had tripped, the outlet would have automatically stopped any electricity from going through the outlet. After a reset, the outlet should work once again. If not, you could have a faulty GFCI, which will need to be replaced.

It is best to call an electrician if the above mentioned methods do not diagnose the problem in your home.
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