Is Your Swimming Pool Electrically Sound?

You may not hear about it on the news, but electrocutions are a definite possibility in a swimming pool. After all, swimming pools have electrical components that power the pumps, filtration systems, and even pool lights. As a pool owner, you do your due diligence to ensure the water is safe to swim in and that there is just the right balance of chemicals. While you are doing all of that routine maintenance, do not forget to have your electrical systems checked and maintained too.
Why Hire a Professional Electrician to Ensure Electrical Safety for Your Pool?
Electrical work should always be left to the professionals, especially when it comes to a swimming pool. As they say, water and electricity don’t mix!  Because you are swimming in a large amount of water, the risk of electrical shock from faulty wiring and equipment is much greater. Only a skilled electrician can inspect and repair your system properly.
Some important check an electrical contractor can do to ensure your pool’s electrical systems are safe include:

  • Updating Pool Lights – Outdated or faulty pool lights are high risk for electrical shock. If your swimming pool is older, a contractor can install new lights that meet safety standards and ensure they do not get short circuited.
  • Inspect – An electrician can inspect all electrical components to make sure they are in good condition. This will involve examining the wiring on your lights, swimming pool filtration system and the pump. If you are thinking about buying a house with a pool, have an electrician inspect it first.
  • Repairs if Needed – Electrical repairs and replacements are complex jobs. An licensed electrician can efficiently repair any bad wires or unsafe electrical systems to ensure maximum safety for your pool.

A Few Extra Tips to Keep Everyone Safe in Your Pool
Sometimes your electrical systems are fine, but it is outside hazards or poor decisions that can cause an in-pool electrocution. To reduce the risk and keep everyone safe while enjoying your family pool, make sure to:

  • Keep all electrical devices, cords and outlets a minimum of five feet from the pool.
  • Supervise children around the pool and electrical devices.
  • Make sure intoxicated adults are not using electrical devices or there is nothing that can cause them to trip into the swimming pool.
  • Watch for the signs of any faulty electrical equipment such as flickering pool lights, pumps that turn on and off, etc.

If someone is being shocked in the pool, do not panic. Do not reach into the pool or jump in to save them. First, turn off the power to stop any electrical currents. Those in the pool who can still swim can help remove anyone in the pool, but make sure they exit the pool without touching any metal surfaces. Then, call 911.
Call 732-332-1100 or fill out an online contact form to speak with the pool electricians at JLC Electrical Contractors today. We offer pool system inspections and can help you upgrade your pool’s wiring so that you can keep it safe this summer.

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