Did Your Property Suffer from Water Damage? Check for Possible Electrical Issues!

Water damage can occur for multiple reasons – whether it is weather-related or due to a pipe that has burst and flooded your home. While you are focusing on the damage you can see, such as repairing the walls, discarding damaged furniture and flooring, etc., there could be hidden damage you are not aware of. Electrical issues can arise following even a minor water damage incident. Even if you are not experiencing any interruption in your electrical service, that hidden damage could cause problems over time.
Water and Electricity Just Do Not Mix
After a flood, the wire and cables in your home that were exposed to water damage should be replaced to ensure safety and reliability. Here’s why:

  • Mildew and Corrosion – Any time your wires or cable products are exposed to water, the interior components are susceptible to corrosion and mildew. Over time, this can lead to insulation and termination issues. If your wires were exposed to salt water or inland floodwaters that contain chemicals, fertilizers, and oils, the damage could be even more severe.
  • Dry Wiring Cannot Withstand Wet Conditions – The wiring in your home is listed for dry applications only. Therefore, it should be replaced after it has been exposed to any type of water or moisture. Dry wiring contains paper fillers which will absorb water and lead to electrical failure.
  • Shock and Fire Risk – As the insulation and integrity of the wires and cables in your home degrades with exposure to water damage, the chances of electrical shock and fire increase tremendously.

Consult an Electrician Immediately Following Water Damage
Your home’s wiring and cables should be inspected by a professional right away after water damage has occurred. An electrical contractor can examine wires, interior components and connections for signs of water damage and replace them before they become a more serious problem.
Call 732-332-1100 or fill out an online contact form to talk with a team member at JLC Electrical Contractors today. We offer in-depth inspections and can ensure your home’s electrical set up is safe following a water damage incident.

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