Maintaining Your Generator

Generators can come in extremely handy, but they do need regular maintenance in order to stay working optimally. Whether they are providing emergency power for the home, producing electricity for businesses in remote locations or even regulating life-support equipment, good generator maintenance is essential.

There are a number of things you can do to maintain your generator, but the best way is to speak to your local electrician in Monmouth County, NJ. An experienced electrician will ensure your generator stays in excellent condition and is ready to provide power the moment you need it.
Here are three ways you can keep your generator in prime condition:

  1. Arrange a twice yearly service – even if you don’t use your generator regularly, it still needs to be serviced. Select a regular schedule and stick to it. You never know when you might need emergency power and pushing back maintenance could mean your generator fails when you need it the most. Spring and fall are good times to arrange a service and will ensure your generator is ready to provide power during any periods of severe weather.
  2. Carry out regular maintenance checks – there are a number of maintenance checks you can do yourself, but if you are not confident about generator maintenance, a professional electrician can carry out these tasks for you. These tasks might include checking the spark plugs, changing the lubricating oil or checking the fuel supply. Regular checks like these are essential for reliable generator operation.
  3. Start your generator up regularly – there is nothing more frustrating than storing your generator during the summer months and then finding it will not fire up when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Most new generators will have a feature called exercise mode. While in exercise mode the generator will perform a automatic diagnostic and engine check every week. The generator will automatically start, run for 12 minutes and then shut off. This should make you aware of any potential problems so that you can get them taken care of so that your generator will be ready to perform when it is needed.

Get in touch with your local electrical contractor in Monmouth County, NJ for expert generator maintenance and repairs. JLC Electrical Contractors can help with all your residential and commercial electrical needs and can arrange routine and emergency assistance. Call 732-332-1100 now.

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