Landscape & Outdoor Lighting

Professional Outdoor & Landscape Lighting Company

JLC Electrical Contractors excels in the art of outdoor and landscape lighting, offering expertise in the installation of fixtures that not only illuminate but also enhance the overall visual appeal of outdoor environments. From energy-efficient LED options to creatively designed lighting schemes, JLC’s commitment to quality ensures that outdoor spaces are not only well-lit but also transformed into inviting and enchanting retreats.

  • Security Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Pathway & Driveway Lighting
  • Entry Lighting
  • Silhouetting
  • Pool & Spa Wiring
  • In-Ground Well Lights
  • Down Lighting
  • Bollard & Garden Lights

Whether you would like to create beautiful ambiance in your backyard, or simply need the added security of lighting your walkway, JLC Electric Contractors can install any and all of your outdoor lighting needs.


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