Installing a Chandelier? Do Not Forget to Use a Chandelier Lift

Chandeliers offer truly distinctive beauty for your home. They are timeless and can add a touch of personality to your style and décor. Whether you are installing one in the dining room or within your foyer, be aware that proper maintenance is key. Chandeliers require cleaning to illuminate beautifully; but due to their height, reaching them is not easy.

If you are installing a new chandelier in your home, make sure you have a chandelier lift. It is a recommended accessory for your residential lighting.

What is a Chandelier Lift?
Chandelier lifts, also referred to as chandelier hoists, are systems that eliminate the need for using a ladder to get up and clean or service your fixture. After all, your chandelier will eventually need a new bulb and you need to clean it periodically. A lift simply lowers it to your level for easier access and then pulls it back up to the desired height.
These lifts are installed in the attic space just above the chandelier. Using a specialized switch, the operator can lower the chandelier to the desired location and then lift it back up to where they see fit.

Why Use Chandelier Lifts?
Just some of the benefits of installing a chandelier lift with your new light fixture include:

  • No More Ladders and Safety Hazards – Back before lifts were invented, if you needed to change a lightbulb or dust off your chandelier, you would have to get up on a ladder. In some homes, the height of foyer chandeliers is dangerously high. With a lift, you reduce the risk of falling from a ladder and eliminate the need for a ladder altogether.
  • No More Paying the Pros – Homeowners that do not want to risk getting up on a ladder and cleaning or servicing their chandelier would have to pay a professional. With a lift, you eliminate that annual cost, including the service fees and hassles of hiring someone just to replace a lightbulb.
  • Makes Aesthetic Adjustments Easier – Want your chandelier at a different height? With a lift, you can adjust the height (up or down) of your chandelier so that it is perfectly positioned.

JLC Electrical Contractors can install your new chandelier, and we can also install a chandelier lift that will make your life easier.
Call 732-332-1100 or fill out an online contact form to discuss your lighting requirements, including having a chandelier lift for your gorgeous light fixture.

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