Don’t Be Left In The Dark – Install A Whole Home Generator

A whole home generator is designed to fire up the moment you lose power from the grid. Perfect for homes on storm paths or areas where there are frequent power drops, whole home generators are being installed in more and more residential properties than ever before.
In fact, following Hurricane Sandy and the power outages that the devastating hurricane-turned-cyclone created, a lot of people across New York and New Jersey are looking into alternative and reliable power sources.
Restore Power Automatically With A Whole Home Generator
A whole home generator, also called an automatic generator, can be connected to a fuel source such as natural gas, propane or diesel and will supply electricity when required as long as it has a fuel source available.
The purpose of a whole home generator is to supply auxiliary power the moment the main electricity supply is interrupted. This happens automatically thanks to a component called the transfer switch. This switch is hardwired in your home and notifies the generator to start up the moment power from the grid is no longer being received. Another plus point of the transfer switch is that it will also turn the generator off when normal power is restored. Therefore, no human intervention is required.
How To Arrange Installation Of A Whole Home Generator
If you want to be sure of continuous power to your home, a whole home generator is the answer. Your local electrical contractor in Marlboro, NJ will be able to help you with the finer details such as selecting the right generator for your home and arranging installation and regular maintenance. When you consider that many homes across NY and NJ lost power for a number of days following the last hurricane, installing a whole home generator makes a lot of sense.
Speak to your friendly and experienced electrician in Marlboro, NJ today about a whole home generator and our professional installation services. JLC Electrical Contractors can help with all your residential and commercial electrical needs and ensure you are never without power again. Call 732-332-1100 now!

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